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The ACI Fall Beauty Preview

I had the pleasure of attending the ACI Fall Beauty Preview and this year’s stars did not disappoint.  Here’s what’s new this season from the brands Korres, Stila, and St. Tropez.

Korres //

The focus for fall is rosé all day. Wild rose is the highlighted ingredient in this season’s skin care. Leaves your skin feeling soft and floral, but not in an overwhelming way.

The secondary line showcased at the event was their Pure Greek products; the facial oil and hand cream were on display. There’s no olive scent, so no reason to shy away from this combo — the hand cream is the only thing I was able to test but it worked magic on my ravaged winter hands.

ACI Fall Beauty Preview 2018

ACI Fall Beauty Preview 2018

Stila //

Majestic metals. I can not stop staring at the gorgeous royal pigments of the collection. The eye colors are to die for, though not something I can pull off in real life. I’m always drawn to the longwear liquid lipstick. Stila was my first dabble in the liquid lip world and remains my fave for longevity and formula.

ACI Fall Beauty Preview 2018

ACI Fall Beauty Preview 2018

You’ll catch me rocking Sienna (Deep Dusty Brown Rose) this winter, 2nd from the left of the swatches.


St. Tropez //

Awesome news from this award-winning faux tan company: there is now an express version of their classic tanning mousse as well as a luxe dry oil.

ACI Fall Beauty Preview 2018


Out of all these new additions to classic cult favorite lines, I can’t wait to try the new Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick and the St. Tropez self-tanner — just waiting on info from the brand about whether it’s safe to use while nursing.

Korres PR

Loved catching up with this sweetheart who I used to coach in volleyball! She’s now one of the reps for Korres!


Out of this list, what floats your boat? What would you be most excited to try for fall? Let me know in the comments!


ACI Fall Beauty Preview 2018

ACI Fall Beauty Preview 2018


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