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4 Things I Bought Because Advertising Told Me To

I would love to say that advertising doesn’t affect me; that I make my own purchasing choices and have control over my buying destiny. Well, that would be a load of crap because obviously we all buy things as a result of effective ads or peer pressure.  For me, it is beauty and health products.

There were four things that came to mind immediately when I started thinking about this over a glass of wine – wine that I selected based solely on the name/label.  “I’m a smart girl,” I thought to myself (yes, I was drinking wine alone), “I know when people are targeting me as a consumer,” (yes, I have these types of internal discussions when drinking wine, alone). 

Copy of Nude lips

Well, I could immediately bring to mind the following products that I had purchased within the past month solely based on Instagram posts or sponsored ads.

FullSizeRender 661- Dove Dry Spray

The day I saw the TV spot where a jovial blonde girl spray her hairless armpit with this magic dust, I knew I had to have it. How much better would I smell?? How much drier would I be?? No more white stains on my clothes?!? YES. GIVE IT TO ME.  Obviously I forgot the 5 years I lived in Europe where they didn’t actually sell stick deodorant and I was forced to use spray… the aerosol fumes made me gag and I begged my parents send me Dove sticks instead of important things like money or Kraft Dinner. Luckily, this is notthe same product.  I really like it. And I do smell great, stay drier, and so far no more white stains. Whoop!


FullSizeRender 63 2- Vanilla Cinnamon Baileys

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s Baileys, but with vanilla and cinnamon. So, the deliciousness is amplified by one thousand.  I don’t think I would have need advertising to buy this, but I needed it to tell me that it existed. Luckily, I sometimes read adultish magazines like Flare or InStyle.  True story: I get usually get my Baileys from my parents because there is never a day where there is not Baileys in their house.  They keep extra bottles in a 2nd fridge like other people keep wine or beer. God bless them.  And Baileys.



FullSizeRender 64 3- Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit in Posie K

Because, Instagram. Sue me.








IMG_0748 4- NutraSea Liquid Omega-3 in Chocolate

I take an Omega-3 almost every day, and NutraSea is by far my favourite. It’s easier for me to digest, tastes like lemon which mixes in to my smoothies perfectly, and I actually notice a difference in my health with this brand over others. I was recently at the Toronto Yoga Convention, and was accosted by two ladies using the old-fashioned “shove free samples in your face” form of advertising, and man was that effective – for two reasons: 1) I have a really hard time saying no to people in person and 2) CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR FISH OIL.  It was amazing and I bought an XL bottle on the spot.


What’s the last thing you remember buying as a direct result of advertising? Are you going to go out and buy anything because of this post?? Let me know in the comments 🙂


  1. Ooooh, the Vanilla Cinnamon Baileys sounds delish! Perfect for late night coffees.

  2. Do you like the Kylie lip kit? I have heard lots are saying it is very low quality, especially the brush.

  3. I don’t drink anymore but the Vanilla Cinnamon Baileys sounds like it would be really awesome. If I still drank, advertising would tell me to buy that too lol

    • I don’t even need the alcohol portion of it – if they were able to make a virgin version that tasted the same (not chemically like the other ones) I would buy that instead. Apparently drinking in the a.m. is frowned upon… 😉

  4. advertising does that too me too! even now, seeing those products you posted makes me want to try them!
    thanks for the great post!

    • Thanks for reading and for commenting! It just so happens that I really love the products I ended up buying!

  5. The Vanilla Cinnamon Baileys sounds amazing.
    I bought some cookie butter because of advertising. It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped.

  6. “So, the deliciousness is amplified by one thousand. I don’t think I would have need advertising to buy this, but I needed it to tell me that it existed”

    I love your writing hahaha

    also so true about the IG ads/constantly seeing stuff like that


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