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Welcome to The Summer of Mess

It’s summertime, people! The sun is shining, people have shifted from complaining that it’s too wet to complaining that it’s too hot, patios are in full swing, and the twins now spend 80% of their day covered in something (usually sticky) or just running around, shirts off. Yes, summer is here. ... READ the POST

Hey Mama: Empower Your Mental Health with BEACON Digital Therapy

 I’ve always been an anxious person, but I didn’t always know that it was anxiety I was dealing with. I got stressed about the usual things: work, boys, friends, sports, school, being perfect… the list goes on. ... READ the POST

Local Love: Barhop Sessions (a #MonerisMatch)

    Tuesday's are sacred for me. They're my day. It's the one consistent day that I have childcare help (until we a find part-time daycare or nanny) and they have become a highlight in my week in that I can leave the condo for almost the whole day and work, or meet a friend, or even ... READ the POST

Why Condo-Living is an Awesome Choice for Young Families

“We have to move!” was the 2nd thing I said when I found out I was pregnant with twins. (The first was, “How are we going to afford university??" but that’s another story 😂.)  Most of our family and friends thought that surviving newborn twins in an 800 square good 1-bedroom condo couldn’t be done, ... READ the POST

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