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Hey Mama: Empower Your Mental Health with BEACON Digital Therapy

 I’ve always been an anxious person, but I didn’t always know that it was anxiety I was dealing with. I got stressed about the usual things: work, boys, friends, sports, school, being perfect… the list goes on. ... READ the POST

Why Condo-Living is an Awesome Choice for Young Families

“We have to move!” was the 2nd thing I said when I found out I was pregnant with twins. (The first was, “How are we going to afford university??" but that’s another story 😂.)  Most of our family and friends thought that surviving newborn twins in an 800 square good 1-bedroom condo couldn’t be done, ... READ the POST

Why You Should Try a Plant-Based Omega-3

    Omega-3s. You’ve heard of them and you’ve probably heard you should take them, but maybe you don’t know why. Let’s break it down real quick. Something you won’t know about me is that in my first second third life (I’m on the fourth now, lol) I was a certified personal ... READ the POST

{Video} Veggie Frittata Recipe

  I’m no food blogger but I love to eat, and sometimes I even love to cook ;) When I do cook, baking is usually the route I take because it is just so much easier (aka I don’t have to pay that much attention to my dish once it’s in the oven). When I bake I gravitate towards eggs-based ... READ the POST

Coffee. Oysters. Champagne.

If you clicked on this post because you like any one of coffee, oysters, or champagne, you're in luck because you're about to get a healthy dose of all three delicious things. If you clicked on this post because you happen to love those things then be prepared to have your mind blown because I'm ... READ the POST

How to Help a Mom in the Trenches

To all the new moms, experienced moms, twin moms, singleton moms, enough kids to fill a soccer team moms, teen moms, "old" moms, grieving moms, joyful moms, foster moms -- whatever kind of mom you are, this post is for you. ... READ the POST

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