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5 Tips to Improve Your Home Brew

When you're a new-parent (or really, any parent) it's no secret that coffee is life. The majority of our conversations are about when we are going to be able to drink it, how we drink it, how many times we reheat it before actually drinking it, and better yet, how much we love to go out a get ... READ the POST

Hey Mama, It’s Okay to Have a Bad Day

I meant to write a different post today. Inspired this week by Hunter's fearlessness in learning to take both figurative and literal leaps around his crib -- and the living room furniture -- I wanted to write about his infant tenacity and self-discovery. It's adorable and incredible to watch him ... READ the POST

4 Tips for Easier Mom + Baby Mornings

Picture this:  You wake up at 5:30 am to your alarm, which is your very hungry, very awake and very ready to play baby. You feed your baby. You change them, get them dressed. You start to make coffee but your baby is happy and adorable and wants attention. You play with them. It feels like 10 ... READ the POST

Parents Need Books, Too

"We need to read more," my husband says to me as he hits the lights. We had just finished a 3-episode Netflix binge, spending our only time together for the day staring at the TV screen. I don't disagree. I grew up reading old-school books. Paper books. Tangible pages to turn, dusty smells to ... READ the POST

Remember to Snuggle Back

“They don’t love you like this when they’re older.” It’s 7:30 am. I’m sitting in bed, beside my slumbering 8-month-old daughter. I'm up writing this post, though technically I’ve been up since 4:42 am when she first cried out in the early morning darkness. There is baby monitor in the babies’ ... READ the POST

Curious About Canada’s New Weed Laws? You’re Not Alone

  In case you’ve been living under the same rock as I have (aka the new-mom-of-twins rock), you should know that this year on October 17th, Canada will become the second nation – and the first G7 Country --  in the world to legalize marijuana. And no, the first country is not the Netherlands, ... READ the POST