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Pull-Aparts: The best thing since, well, bread

When I became a mom, my focus shifted 1000% from me to the twins. Now, at 10-months-old, my babies are living their best lives (as they should be) while I can barely put myself together. To say I’m envious of their lifestyle would be a massive understatement. ... READ the POST

Lest We Forget, Alvin Andrew

Alvin Andrew was a farm boy. He turned 18 in the spring of 1916, but he waited until after harvest was done to enlist in the army. Farm workers were hard to come by with so many men at war and Alvin didn’t want to leave his father to do all the work alone; his little brothers weren’t even teenagers ... READ the POST

The ACI Fall Beauty Preview

I had the pleasure of attending the ACI Fall Beauty Preview and this year's stars did not disappoint.  Here's what's new this season from the brands Korres, Stila, and St. Tropez. ... READ the POST

DRA: What the heck is it and do I have it?

If you are pregnant or have recently given birth, you've likely heard the term "DRA" mentioned once or twice. If you've never heard of DRA, that's ok -- that's what we're here for. I recently sat down with pelvic floor physiotherapist, Tesca Andrew-Wasylik, to chat about these three letters that ... READ the POST

How to Throw an Epic Girls Night In

Maybe it's a mom thing, maybe it's because I'm not in university anymore (true story I still refer to myself as a "recent grad" LOL), but I get genuinely excited about a solid night in. There's not much I look forward to more than a quality night on my couch, eating my favourite food, watching a ... READ the POST

5 Tips to Improve Your Home Brew

When you're a new-parent (or really, any parent) it's no secret that coffee is life. The majority of our conversations are about when we are going to be able to drink it, how we drink it, how many times we reheat it before actually drinking it, and better yet, how much we love to go out a get ... READ the POST

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