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Coffee. Oysters. Champagne.

If you clicked on this post because you like any one of coffee, oysters, or champagne, you're in luck because you're about to get a healthy dose of all three delicious things. If you clicked on this post because you happen to love those things then be prepared to have your mind blown because I'm ... READ the POST

How to Throw an Epic Girls Night In

Maybe it's a mom thing, maybe it's because I'm not in university anymore (true story I still refer to myself as a "recent grad" LOL), but I get genuinely excited about a solid night in. There's not much I look forward to more than a quality night on my couch, eating my favourite food, watching a ... READ the POST

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Let's work together

There's not much I love more than a good brainstorming party over a hot n' frothy cafe au lait (or prosecco). If you like what you see here, let's connect and make some magic.
A virtual coffee?