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Why You Should Try a Plant-Based Omega-3

    Omega-3s. You’ve heard of them and you’ve probably heard you should take them, but maybe you don’t know why. Let’s break it down real quick. Something you won’t know about me is that in my first second third life (I’m on the fourth now, lol) I was a certified personal ... READ the POST

Food Guide 101 For Busy Moms

It’s been one month since Canada’s new food guide was released, and a lot of people are saying, "Yay!" to the new guidelines. However, some people (aka moms) are also saying, “Yay, but how am I really supposed to do that?” ... READ the POST

How I Find My Calm

Here's a not so shocking secret: I feel stressed out almost all the time. Specifically when I'm working on my computer for long periods of time -- which sucks, considering I work in the digital realm -- but more generally, I feel it at some point every day. Sometimes it's easy to pinpoint the source ... READ the POST

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