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Why Condo-Living is an Awesome Choice for Young Families

“We have to move!” was the 2nd thing I said when I found out I was pregnant with twins. (The first was, “How are we going to afford university??" but that’s another story 😂.)  Most of our family and friends thought that surviving newborn twins in an 800 square good 1-bedroom condo couldn’t be done, ... READ the POST

Hey Mama, It’s Okay to Have a Bad Day

I meant to write a different post today. Inspired this week by Hunter's fearlessness in learning to take both figurative and literal leaps around his crib -- and the living room furniture -- I wanted to write about his infant tenacity and self-discovery. It's adorable and incredible to watch him ... READ the POST

Do You Suffer From Mom Guilt? {Video}

I'm so excited to share this awesome video with you featuring one of my best friends and blog contributors, Shaleeza. She was cast in this very real commercial talking about #momguilt and all things related. I'm not a mom just yet, but have heard so many stories from my friends who are mommas; some ... READ the POST

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