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{Video} Veggie Frittata Recipe

  I’m no food blogger but I love to eat, and sometimes I even love to cook ;) When I do cook, baking is usually the route I take because it is just so much easier (aka I don’t have to pay that much attention to my dish once it’s in the oven). When I bake I gravitate towards eggs-based ... READ the POST

Eggy Avocado Toast

This outrageously delish (and easy!) Eggy Avo Toast is bound to get your taste buds a-tingling. I whipped this breakfast beauty together in less than 10 minutes while the twins were settling in (aka chatting up a storm) for their first nap. ... READ the POST

Spicy BBQ Chicken & Carrot Rice

I pride myself on being able to throw together a decent meal with whatever I can find in my fridge or pantry - without having to run to the store. I have three kids so going to the store isn't the easiest option. As long as you have chicken and barbecue sauce, you can add any spice to this ... READ the POST

3 Easy Peasy Holiday Appies

FOOD. It's what my family is built around. Food plays a huge part in our traditions, get-togethers, and general acceptance and tolerance of each other.  Big holiday dinners are our fave - epic meal planning, multiple courses, tequila wine (lots of wine) -- and everything is made from scratch ... READ the POST

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