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Coffee. Oysters. Champagne.

If you clicked on this post because you like any one of coffee, oysters, or champagne, you're in luck because you're about to get a healthy dose of all three delicious things. If you clicked on this post because you happen to love those things then be prepared to have your mind blown because I'm ... READ the POST

How to Spend 36 HRs in Amsterdam

On a recent trip to Dublin, Ireland, my cousin and I knew we wanted to make the most of our time in Europe and add in an excursion to another country *somewhere* in Europe outside of Ireland. To our delight, we quickly discovered that flights to continental Europe are extremely cheap from the Dublin ... READ the POST

How to Be Parisian in 6 Easy Steps

Parisian women are amazing for many reasons, but for the purpose of this post it's because they seamlessly accomplish two things: 1) Portraying the vibe that they have all their shit together, all the time and 2) Look amazing doing so.  ... READ the POST

Eat like a Local w/ Secret Food Tours Paris

My husband and I love food. If you have read my blog before, or follow me on Instagram, this is no surprise.  One of our favorite things to do is to plan trips that either revolve around food or at least have a hefty portion rely on food.  Food tours are at the top of our list as an incredible way ... READ the POST

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