Sleepless Nights: 2 Months in with Twins

Time has evaporated and the twins are now 2 months old.  I don’t know when that happened, but I chalk it up to the fact that I am living my life on a continuous loop and if they were actually 2 years old, I wouldn’t be surprised.  

We (barely) survived our 2-month checkup and the first round of immunizations — Hunter did not care for those.  Both of them were actually ok during the shots, but a few hours later we had tears and screams of epic proportions, and that’s saying something considering that seems to be his attitude on a daily basis.

Hayden has gained some weight and is a whopping 8 lbs now. I can’t explain how happy this makes me. Getting a preemie up to weight is an extremely stressful experience… almost as stressful as the diaper rash from hell that has now lasted TWO FREAKING MONTHS. Ugh. Poor little man. We learned that he developed a bacterial infection in the open sores of the rash, and we’re trying a topical antibiotic now to stop the spread. I think I’m going to switch up the formula we’re on to see if that makes a difference; they poop so damn much on this one, and the inner parts of the rash never have time to dry or heal.  It is a vicious cycle, one that I need to end ASAP.

Anyhoo, here are my sleepless thoughts for the 2-month mark:

Not So Deep Thoughts //

  • Blocked mild ducts ducking suck.
  • Pumping is hard work, I have no clue how I’m supposed to fit in 6-8 sessions a day when I’m breastfeeding AND wrangling the babies, solo. But I’m still trying.
  • Sitting on the couch for 8+ hrs a day is sometimes slow torture and other times the most enjoyable thing in life.
  • Feed hungry babies is actually pretty cool when they get all snuggled up to you.
  • Feeding hangry babies is the exact opposite of that.  I think Hunter is purposely trying to rip my nipples off.
  • Haven’t been able to get the twins on any kind of schedule yet… that might be our downfall.


Thanks for reading! Check out my thoughts at the 3-Month mark 🙂


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