Gift Ideas for Active Moms


1- Headbands That Actually Stay Put

FullSizeRender 45Save your mom from eating her hair during a tennis match. These Oakley headbands come in fun colors, and have a rubber coating on the back to keep them from moving around while you’re active. Because it’s pretty annoying when your headband starts acting like a crown while you’re in the middle of a squat set.

($17CDN at the Oakley Store)





2- Yoga Jellies

FullSizeRender 44Insert implant joke here.  Seriously though, these things are the tits. (Too much?) These are silicone pads made for wrists, knees, elbows… basically, anything that doesn’t like to be in contact with a hard studio floor.  Perfect for downward dog and other flows, or for taking a knee during lunge series.  The come in 9 different colors, so you easily match to your mat or outfit, or whatever floats your boat.  ($55USD



3- iPod Shuffle

FullSizeRender 47

Sometimes I’m amazed these things still exist, then I pick mine up to go for a run  I thank my lucky stars they do. The ease of these (and essentially limited function) is perfect for someone like my mom, who wants to listen to music or meditation tracks, but has no patience to learn how to use a device. But somehow she’s the only one I’ve ever met that knows how to use a Blackberry Passport…  Be a doll and pre-program it for your mom. The newest Shuffle has a function that tells you the name of the song if you ask it. (Hopefully it comes with a mom translator.)  ($59CDN at every store in the world or


4- Tiger Tail

FullSizeRender 46Get back at your mom for any pain she might have caused you during your teen years with a post-exercise muscle roller.  (Sort of Totally kidding.) In all seriousness, this tool is a must-have if you’ve ever woken up the morning after a workout unable to walk properly. It is super effective for tight muscles, but it does hurt like a ___.  It’s very normal to feel a bit of satisfaction while watching someone else suffer while using it. There are a number of brands that make something like this, but I love the Tiger Tail ($45CDN at the Running Room)


gift ideas for moms who workout


What are some products that are must-haves for moms who like to workout, practice yoga, or play a sport?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

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  1. I would love to try the tiger tail! What a cool idea! I have started climbing stairs at my break, and my legs are killing me!!

    1. honestly, it’s awesome! it’s easier (and less awkward to use in public) than a foam roller, and really helps the muscles

  2. Awesome ideas! I love the iPod shuffle! I love listening to music while I walk (as long as the kids are not with me). I still have my old discman (yes I’m old lol) but I haven’t used it in almost a decade.

  3. all great items! my mom is elderly but loves her runners for her walks! she keeps active gardening too!

  4. My mom loves walking but she likes talking and walking, so no music. I can’t picture her listening to music with earbuds. I’d have to always show her how to put them in. 😉

    1. My mom is a walker-talker, too! We have the best convos when we are walking, but recently she has asked for music so I hope she likes this on Mother’s Day!

  5. would love to see a review or post about different wearable tech! i’ve been searching for something simple enough for my mom to use for mother’s day but even i get confused looking at all of the brands

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