5 Tips to Improve Your Home Brew

When you’re a new-parent (or really, any parent) it’s no secret that coffee is life. The majority of our conversations are about when we are going to be able to drink it, how we drink it, how many times we reheat it before actually drinking it, and better yet, how much we love to go out a get ourselves a fancy coffee shop cup.


But café coffee doesn’t come cheap, and while venturing out once in a while to get your specialty brew is absolutely worth it, it’s no reason to give up on brewing beans at home.

5 super easy ways you can improve your made-at-home coffee:

  1. Keep it Cool //

Using warm water for your coffee just won’t do. Use cold water to ensure that you’re getting fresh aqua from your tank, not the preheated water that has been sitting in the tank for longer.

  1. Size Matters //

It might sound obvious but most people don’t select the right grounds for their coffee maker. You’ll want to make sure that you get your beans ground specifically for your French press, pour over or drip coffee to ensure maximum taste and brewing. This is all based on how long the water is in contact with the beans, and what surface area is being brewed.

  1. Airtight For The Win //

Just say no to keeping grounds in freezer; it doesn’t do anything to seal in freshness. Instead, choose an airtight container and only put in what you need for one week at a time.

  1. Fresh is Best //

Grinding your beans for each brew is the goal, but let’s be serious.  Ain’t no mama got time for that. 

  1. Filter Your Filter //

Some home-brew aficionados swear by the double filter; using a paper filter under or on top of the built-in filter. I’ll leave this up to you to decide, but I did notice a slight difference in taste and acidity when I doubled up with my espresso.


What’s your number one tip for delicious made-at-home coffee? Share with me in the comments!



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  1. We are huge coffee drinkers and make it at home alot to save money. WE love making regular coffee, french press, adn cold brew. I’ll have to make sure to use your tips!

  2. I ❤️ ☕️. I being using a keurig for the past few years and just switched to fresh press. Yummy. And yep airtight! Great post and beautiful blog!

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