Almost Famous

In a super hilarious television worthy moment, I was recently “street cast” for a commercial.  This means that two random girls approached me at a local café where I was serving brunch on a Sunday afternoon, and told me a director liked my look.  After confirming they were indeed casting assistants at a nearby agency, and not stalkers or serial killers, and the commercial was not actually porn, I allowed them to take my photo and info.

I then forgot about it… until I was contacted by the casting director asking if I wanted to come in for an audition.

Me? An audition?  This was even more hilarious than the day I got stopped on the street, lol.  So, I said yes.  They asked me to dress naturally and casually, and that I wouldn’t be performing but just “hanging with friends” and using the product. No prob, I can do that.  I spent over an hour picking out my “natural look” and ended up with essentially the same thing I was wearing that day at the café.  I mean, that’s why the picked me, right? Purple hair, and all.

Fast forward to the audition day, I did my hang with about 15 other hopefuls – some actors, some street peeps like me.


My younger sister came with me to double confirm I wasn’t going to be abducted (always a good idea to have someone go with you for stuff like this). She waited in the lobby with a bunch of adorable 5-year-olds auditioning for an airline while I waited in the holding room feeling my face turning tomato red and becoming increasingly nervous and sweaty.

I didn’t think it went well, though I have nothing to really base that on because I didn’t really have to do anything. I left thinking, “Man, I had so much more to offer,” which is really the only realistic thought process for a perfectionist, regardless of the ZERO acting experience I have. So, again, I laughed – and tried to convince myself it was a good experience.

A day later, I received an email from the casting company telling me I had made it to the next round. WTF.  All I have to do now was wait for another email telling me if I am booked  (got the job) or released (jobless loser).  Kidding.

Do any of you have experience with this sort of thing? Any words of advice you can share while I sit and overanalyze every part of my non-performance??

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  1. Definitely no experience with that, but actually sounds like an interesting experience. If nothing else, it should give you some interesting ideas for future blog posts! Good luck? 🙂

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