A Healthy Dose of (Online) Retail Therapy

Big things are happening right here at Kelsinwonderland, and I can’t wait to share some exciting news with you.  (No, I am not having triplets, lol! Omg… I shouldn’t even joke about that, could you imagine?!?)

This announcement includes some of my favourite things:

  • Online shopping
  • Shopping from my home
  • Not leaving my house
  • Buying things
  • The internet

Yes, it’s true, I’m partnering with Amazon.ca, and will also now be a part of the Amazon Affiliate team, whoop whoop!!!


What does that mean for you, you ask? Well, that means that I’m going to be bringing you a few posts a month that are full of retail goodness with links to some incredible products, focusing on all the beauty and lifestyle goods I currently use and/or crave. (Hello, Amazon wishlist!)

And if you’re wondering what that means for kelsinwonderland.com, well, it means that some of my future posts may contain affiliate links, but you will always know upfront if they are in there  🙂

What my husband thinks about all this.

So get ready, it’s going to be a fun ride!  As always, thanks for following along.


**Update** Check out my first post here. My favorite products for styling medium length hair 🙂





**Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Amazon.ca**


  1. Ah I was actually super excited when I saw the title of this post (I love online shopping!) but the post was such a tease haha! Looking forward to seeing what you recommend in the future 🙂

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