Avoid Data Overages with TELUS’ New Family Plans

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I have a photo problem. The problem being that I love taking them and sharing them, usually in their full-size hi-res glory, with my family and friends.

When you’re first time parents, I honestly believe that you can never take or share too many baby photos or videos.  Whether it be in your group chat, texts to your partner, or uploading to the family photo album, the limit does not exist.

That is until you realize that you’re blowing out all your data on adorable baby giggle vids and it’s actually not that cute when you might have to use your child’s RESPs to cover the overages on your phone bill.

So, yeah. I have a photo problem which really leads to a data usage problem, lol.

A Data-Manager Exists and it is Glorious

Luckily for me, TELUS has an all-new data-manager which allows you to share data between users AND you can actually turn it off and on for each user which means no more data surprises on your monthly bill.   It works by allowing you to set a limit for your usage, and when you hit the limit you receive a notification and it actually turns off your mobile data for you so you can’t just ignore the message and continue to burn dollars per MB.

But let’s say you have a family plan where you are all sharing 15GB of data, and you have an Instagram loving teen who is buuurrrrninnnngg through those gigs and you want to limit their usage to 2 GB a month and split the remainder between yourself and another family member – you totally can!

This allows you to set the data limit for them AND prevent your overage fees because once they hit the limit, they’re done for the month.  Easy peasy.


How about some Peace of Mind


But maybe the person eating more than their share of data is your partner or someone who works remotely from their phone a ton.  TELUS has Peace of Mind rate plans for this exact situation where you can endless data without worrying about overages.

Need the hottest new phone but don’t want to sell a kidney to pay for it?

There’s a plan for that, too. In my line of work, I rely on being able to shoot high-quality images on my phone that rival my DSLR, and without getting the “low storage” notification. That means upgrading, sometimes more often my plan requires, to stay on-trend with the requirements of the content creation industry, and crossing my fingers that the device I want is on-sale or running a promotion.

Good new, social-media-mavens, thanks to TELUS Easy Payment device financing, you can get every single phone for $0 upfront, even the day it comes out. Every. Single. Phone.  Take a minute to really appreciate that because we all know that we’ve picked a phone at least once in our lives for $0, even if that phone was garbage or didn’t suit our needs at the time. So now when you see the iPhone/Samsung/Pixel etc. etc. of your dreams, you know that it can be yours, without selling that kidney.

TELUS has gone one step further and actually separated how you pay for your device from what you pay for your plan. So, again, thanks to TELUS Easy Payment, you can track the repayment of your phone over 24 months — you got to love a combo of flexible options and full transparency. It’s so so easy. Almost too easy.


Whatever your deal with your mobile device and plan — data-hog, upgrade queen — TELUS has created a solution for you and your family. Be sure to check out all the options here.





  1. This was so helpful! My husband usually takes care of all the tech stuff so I will have to let him read this to get ideas and make the switch!

  2. Your kids are too cute! Isn’t it funny how they know things like what faces to make while on the phone so early in life? 😉 Telus sounds so smart, I hate my current service provider so I’ll totally be looking into this! Like you, I need tons of data each month and reliable service.

  3. This sounds like a great options, especially for people who work remotely like us! Thanks for sharing an honest review. And PS your babies are too cute!

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