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Here’s something I learned in a trial by fire kinda way: my twin babies rarely make it through the day in one outfit. And by rarely I, of course, mean never.  My record to date is 8 clothing changes between the two of them, at a 5:3 ratio for Hayden to Hunter. With Hayden being superstar spitter-upper, and me still not quite figuring out how to put on a boy’s diaper (penis goes DOWN, Kels, penis goes down), I am basically changing her top and his bottoms every few hours.

Baby Bundles Place //

That means a lot of laundry, but more importantly, a lot of clothes. The good news is the Baby Bundles Place are essentially a day’s worth of adorable outfit coordinates for me to mix and match for the kiddos.  I don’t know what it is about dressing a newborn in Instagram worthy outfits that is so satisfying while I sit in my 4-days-in pajamas, but man it makes me so so happy.

I am more excited in the morning picking out their outfits than I am about having that glorious mid-day shower — the one that gets all the puke and pee off me.

Baby Bundles place has tons of different options of sets that make it super easy to mix and match, so I can easily swap out pants or a top for another piece in the same theme.  I’m not a matchy-matchy kind of girl, so I was a big fan of the following outfit sets for the twins that allowed me to coordinate different prints in the same colour scheme:

I’m a Hugger //

For Hayden, my first choice was this ADORABLE 4-piece cactus-themed set. I love bright colours with softer tones and fun prints, so it was a no-brainer.  From the frilly-bum pants to the happy cacti, this outfit brings me joy. Seeing it on my beautiful baby girl makes me happy all over. If they made this in women’s sizes I would twin the crap out of it with my baby girl. Twinning on twinning, if you will. But seriously, look at this little muffin. Judging by the sizing she will be able to wear this through spring and into summer.


Mommy’s Little Rock Star //

For Hunter, my absolute first choice was this killer 4-piece Baby Bundles set called that played to the music lover in me. My husband works in the music industry, and without me telling him this was my favourite, he picked it out as well.

The stripes and camo are so hot right now in the fashion world (read that as Mugatu from Zoolander, but know that I am very serious about camo), and the lightning bolts are pretty badass. Personally, I would 100% wear a lightning bolt bodysuit under some striped pants. If anyone wants to make the matching adult set, LMK.


I love both of these options and have already had so much use out of them. The added bonus is that because Hayden is smaller than Hunter, she will be able to wear his hand-me-downs. I can’t wait to see her rock those lightning bolts.

If you are into more basic options, Baby Bundles has them, too. Coordinating sets and multi-pack options are there for your essentials like onesies, socks, bibs, and sleepers. Honestly, had I know about this before the twins were born I would have way less overwhelmed.

The sets have up to 8 pieces, which is bonkers to me that you can get that many items for really economical prices. Now I have an ace in my pocket for the next baby shower or children’s birthday.

Visit The Children’s Place in-store or online for more baby bundles options. They are affordable for your own family or make awesome shower gifts for a mama-to-be. Be sure to follow @ChildrensPlace on Instagram for more baby fashion ideas!


  1. Adorable! Although I’m past the ‘baby’ stage, with my kids being older, I have a mommy-friend who is due in a few months. I’m totally sharing this with her.

  2. Aren’t baby clothes the cutest?! I love being able to match things together and find the softest little clothes. These picks look just lovely.

  3. I’ve got my first grandbaby (boy) coming in may. Man O man how stuff for babies has changed in 30 years. I love the rock star set. Too cool.

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