Something BIG is Happening

You guys. Something MASSIVE is happening in the Hammer Household.

Are you ready?!?  Well, we are…



Two. Two babies. At once.  It. Is. Happening.

This comes as one hell of a shock a lovely surprise to us and our twin-less extended family. I can honestly say that now I am 92% thrilled (and 8% terrified) of welcoming two tiny humans into our lives in (hopefully) January, but it wasn’t always that way. More on that another day.


To sum it up, we do NOT have twins in our family, and we did not do IVF. Those are the first two questions I get asked. The first one I get, the second one… I mean, it’s really no one’s business how families are made, but I guess people commonly think that if you don’t have generations of twins in your family it MUST be IVF.

I have some friends that struggled with infertility that ended up having twins, and some who were popping out so many eggs (like me, apparently, lol) that nature was all, “Here you go!”

Bottom line is, it doesn’t matter how you conceive twins, it’s pretty freaking magical either way. We are all basically Beyoncé.

So safe to say, this is one of the biggest surprises we could have imagined when we decided to go for it in terms of having a family.


We are excited to announce that we are 20 weeks and everything looks wonderful so far, for which we are extremely grateful.  We’ve gotten used to long waits in the hospital for appointments, which I consider “patience training.”

My OB & team are I N CR E D I B L E.  I  could not be more thankful for these wonderfully kind people who are caring for us.

We hope these babes join us in January, but there is always a chance that they could be early and one of the dates that popped up was December 24th, LOL.

Now, THAT would be a surprise 😉


  1. That is so amazing Kelsi! I am so happy for you and Ryan! Being a mommy is the greatest joy in the world. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful new adventure. Xo Renee

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