Pull-Aparts: The best thing since, well, bread

When I became a mom, my focus shifted 1000% from me to the twins. Now, at 10-months-old, my babies are living their best lives (as they should be) while I can barely put myself together. To say I’m envious of their lifestyle would be a massive understatement.

Think about it. By noon on any given day they have had:

  • 4 diaper changes
  • At least 1 outfit change
  • 1 nap
  • 3 hours of play time with mom
  • 30 minutes of cuddle time with dad (jealous)
  • One bottom half rinse or even full bath depending on the severity of poop-splosion
  • A massage with organic specialty lotion for sensitive skin (UBER JEALOUS)

And the kicker:  5 MEALS

Yes, they will have had three breakfasts before I’ve had one. And yes, they will have a post-nap snack before lunch. And then, they will have a post-post-nap snack, then dinner, then top-up before bed JUST IN CASE THEY ARE STILL HUNGRY.  *Editor’s note: they are always hungry.

(I am now drooling with a rumbling belly while just thinking about the amount food that the babies get.)

Perfect snack for busy moms and families

We’re All Just Living the Dream Over Here //

Let me restate that these babies should absolutely without a doubt be living their best lives and that it is my number one priority and goal to make sure that they continue to do so until they can verbally tell me to back the heck off. It’s just that making sure they are properly fed has become a full-time job, one that has inhibited my own levels of food consumption.

I’m sure that most people wouldn’t think that it’s that hard to put together a half decent meal, never mind a single edible item.  And I’m sure that most of those people are not parents, just trying to keep their kids happy and healthy while also trying to keep whatever semblance of self left from spontaneously combusting. It’s hard. All of it.

You know what else is hard? Drinking coffee while it’s hot.

You know what else is inexplicably hard that shouldn’t be? Making toast. Yes, toast.

Even keeping ready-to-eat options on hand is tricky business. So when I had the opportunity to partner with Dempsters Pull-Aparts, I was all, “GIMME THE BREEEAAAAAD!”  “Yes, please. Sounds lovely.”


Pull-Aparts, the Best Thing For Moms Since Sliced Bread//

Oh, Dempsters Pull-Aparts, how I love thee. These delectable little morsels are not your average bread roll. Slightly sweet (they remind me of the snackable sweet buns that are very popular in Hawaii), they are 100% able to be eaten on their own, though you can absolutely add some butter or jam, or — as my husband loves to do– make lunch sliders on them.


Pull-Aparts are Great on their Own//

True story, when I got my product samples for this post, we at them all before I was able to take photos or start my write-up. Between my husband and I, we finished off an entire bag in under 2 days. I am working on finishing the second bag as I finish this post. (Evidence below.)

Because they are so great on their own, they are perfect for any instance where a human requires food. Which is awesome because, as previously stated, in our house there is a hungry person (or baby) approximately every 12.5 minutes.

They are also awesome for entertaining, which is not something we’ve gotten around to doing yet but fingers crossed for the near future…or at least in the next two years.

For now, they will tide me over during the day, in between naps, feeds, smiles, meltdowns, poopsplosions, and baths.


So, tell me: What’s your go-to snack for when you don’t have time to eat? Have you tried Pull-Aparts yet? Share with me in the comments!

#DempstersPullAparts Now available at major retailers across Ontario. 

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