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My ideal travel adventures involve a lot of food. Actually, who am I kidding? They revolve around food. Eating, cooking, talking about food, taking pictures of food… you name it, if it involves food, I heart it. One of my favorite parts of researching our Los Angeles trip was checking out food blogs and top ten lists of city restos and bars. We picked a couple from the lists and made sure to pick a couple from exploring. Overall, we ate at too many great places to mention so here are my Top 4 LA Spots.

 Eat the City: Los Angeles Edition


Alfred Coffee & Kitchen – 8428 Melrose Place

but first coffee

If you love caffeine, and Instagram, chances are you’ve seen or used the hashtag #butfirstcoffee. Well, that originated with this funky spot. They have even trademarked it, lol. Alfred’s coffee is delicious and the interior of this local haunt is gorgeous. I discovered this after getting my hair done at Nine Zero One Salon (yes, THAT Nine Zero One). More on that experience later…  This was the best coffee I had in LA and I had a lot of coffee. I don’t remember what I ordered because I buckled under pressure and ordered something super fancy sounding and paid roughly $6 for it.

Worth it.

{Photos via Instagram}



Mercado – 7910 West Third Street

mercado mexican restaurant

My initial dream for our trip to Cali was to spend the week eating fresh seafood and crave-worthy Mexican food.  Check and check. Mercado is a three-location restaurant with a fairly simple drool-inducing menu. We cheated a little and ended up visiting the Santa Monica location instead of the downtown LA venue, but the menu was the same. The ceviche and guac were incredible – and I am a bit of a guac snob. Don’t ever give me a bowl of plain mashed avocado unless it is literally the best avocado in the world.  I had the enchiladas as my main, and they were so good I didn’t speak for the entire 4 minutes it took me to eat them.  I don’t remember what my hubby had.  Mine was better.

{Photos via Instagram}




Bar Marmont – 8171 West Sunset Blvd.

chateau marmont bar drinks and food

Chateau Marmont is an iconic Old Hollywood hotel and restaurant, with the equally iconic Bar Marmont just beside it. Considered one of the top bars in all of LA, we HAD to go there. We were able to get a seat at the bar no problem on the night we went and ended up having drinks and food in what is arguably the best celebrity people-watching spot in the place.  We are primarily gin drinkers, so we easily dummied a couple of Cucumber Collins and Brass Flowers. This was also our introduction to St. Germain liqueur which is basically nectar from the gods. (It’s an elderflower liqueur, and it’s magical.) I had a rabbit dish that was divine, but I most remember the drinks, lol.

bar marmon gin drink menu


Butchers and Barbers – 6531 Hollywood Blvd.

trendy restaurant butchers and barbers

**Update** Since we were here, the LA site has closed 🙁 It has other locations, so if you live near one I strongly suggest you check it out. This place had such a cool old-school vibe. All the bartenders had exquisite mustaches and suspenders, which I personally dug.  The cocktail list was small but well curated. We had oysters and a fancy grilled cauliflower dish to start – thus began our year of being obsessed with cauliflower plates. This was the first dinner out we did in LA and it was awesome to walk along Hollywood Blvd afterward to see the main touristy sites at night, walk of fame etc. The location can’t be beaten. I think it’s going to be a Thai resto now (?) but I could be wrong.

{Photos via Instagram}




So, tell me – what am I missing? These are the best meals we had during our 4-day trip to LA but for sure there are others that need to be tested out. We skipped The Ivy due to my hair appointment taking a few hours longer than expected (sorry, babe!) and couldn’t quite catch the Kogi BBQ Truck . Would love to hear from LA residents or frequent visitors as I’m hoping to go back in January 2018!


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  1. We moved to the LA area 4 years ago and love finding new unique places to eat. We haven’t dined at Mercado’s in a couple of years – time to go back!

  2. These suggestions hold the promise of some really yummy times in LA. The food looks spectacular and the ambience of the places adds value. Nothing like spending quality time in one of these places. Personally, I would fancy Bar Marmont.

  3. One could certainly do worse than base one’s travel around food, hahaha! Seriously, some of this food looks delicious. Particularly loving the look of that steak from Mecado 🙂 LA is one of those places that is many things to all people, and I guess it is a place of immense culinary appeal too.

  4. First of all, your blog is amazing & so pretty! And those spots..man makes me sad that I live all the way in South, GA! Everything looks so yummy!

  5. When you make it back to LA make sure to give Venice restaurants a try – there are just so many to list here. I recommend using Yelp – LA is very active on Yelp. I would also suggest if you make it to the South Bay to check out Manhattan Beach and El Segundo restaurants! Have travels! Love your post

    1. Thanks for your suggestion!! I absolutely will 🙂 We only visited venice for a morning last time, but it was so cool we MUST spend more time there. Thanks for reading!

    1. My husband goes every year for a huge industry conference – I have been working on him to tag along or join after the work part is done!

    1. You’re very welcome – thank you for reading! Let me know if you ever make it there or have something to add 🙂

  6. Sounds like a great trip. I’m all about food too! I had no idea but first coffee started at that coffee shop! What a neat piece of information.

    1. And that’s only the Gin drinks! The other cocktails were made of 15 things I’ve never heard of, lol. Also upwards of $18 per drink, sooooo you have to know what you’re drinking. It was such a fun trendy place. I hope I make it back!

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