Give a Gift that Doesn’t Suck {Father’s Day}

Oh, Father’s Day.  Like Mother’s Day and Grandparent’s Day, and any “day” really where you are commercially responsible for providing someone a gift they may or may not actually deserve, Father’s Day falls among those days where I think to myself, “I’m pretty sure I show my dad that I love him all year round, but how can I show him that in a tangible fashion?”  And then I realize, oh shit!  Father’s day is a week, a few days away, tomorrow!

My dad is notoriously hard to buy gifts for.  Not because I don’t know what he likes, but because he was big into the whole “treat yo self” thing long before it became a thing.  The man buys himself everything that I would get, so it makes it tricky. And aside from adding to his already massive 600+ vinyl collection, I am usually stumped.

Luckily this year, I had some help and am shockingly prepared well in advance. Aside from a card. I will 100% buy that at the drugstore on the way to my parents’ house for dinner.

If you also need a little help,

check out my 5 Father’s Day Gift picks below!


1. Harry’s Personalized Shave Kit

This is a really neat little bundle.  Harry’s is a cool company doing some fun new things in the world of razor subscriptions.  They have a monthly box you can order that contains your choice of shaving cream/gel and high-end German razor blades. They cut out the middleman so costs are kept supa dupa low (“Whoop whoop!” says my bank account).  Best part is, they are gender neutral… for the most part. The peeps at Harry’s were kind enough to send me a trial box for myself (let’s be honest, how many ladies out there are using their husband’s razor, or buying “men’s” razors for the extra blades and close shave? Yeah, I am.)  I happen to love the blades and bright orange handle that mine came with.  For my dad, I got the set shown above with his initials engraved.  Not a lot of dudes I know go for the clean shave anymore (my husband included – not complaining) but my dad is one of those last unicorns.


2. Daniel Wellington Glasgow Watch Glasgow watch

You can’t really go wrong with a classic piece like this Daniel Wellington time-keeper. Personally, there is something old school about this watch that really makes me feel like I’ve succeded in life with the ability to tell time on an analog face. If you’ve got a dad that really only uses his phone to tell time, this will be a pretty man bracelet. It’s got many interchangeable wrist bands. Be warned, some of them are super long, so you may have to MacGuyver the sizing.


3. Amola Gourmet Salts

I don’t really need an excuse to give these tasty treats, I’ve given them for Xmas, Bdays, and Taco Tuesdays.  There is a huge variety of flavours, and even a few bundle boxes so you can try out 3 mini packs.  I’m not gonna lie, I’ve put the Caesar salt on my eggs and salsa. It’s incredible.


4. Firebox Make Your Own Bacon Kit

This is going to be a big hit this year, I already know. I can freely say that because neither my father or my FIL reads my blog haha.  SURPRISE, I GOT ONE OF YOU A BACON KIT.

5. Geek Wisdom Hardcover Book

I have purchased this book 3 times, and each time it was a hit! This book has so many good tidbits of nerdy fanboy and fangirl knowledge, it’s impossible to read it without learning something super interesting about all the nerdy stuff. From Star Wars to Superheroes to Donnie Darko to Buff to the other Star stuff (and everything inbetween), it’s worth the spot on your coffee table.

I hope this helps! Let me know in the comments if you are trying out anything on this list! Have a very happy Father’s Day with whoever you are celebrating with 🙂



*Disclaimer: I was provided with some products for review, but will only ever share my honest opinions, good or bad.


  1. these are all wonderful ideas, I need to see what to give my grandpa for Father’s Day, even though he isn’t here I still wanna send something his way. and even though he would probably love the watch that bacon salt would be amazing for me.

  2. If I needed a gift for my dad on Father’s Day (I already have mine for him) and I picked from your five items, I would pick either the gourmet salt or the create your own bacon kit. He’s a real foodie and he loves bacon AND salty foods!

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