Get the Look: Wine Inspired Lips

Since I coloured my hair purple, I’ve found it hard to wear neutral lip colours. That might sound strange considering my hair is, well, purple, but the tone of it is more a redish purple than a blueish purple so when I wear a neutral lip gloss or colour it ends up looking orangey.  Which is not really what I’m going for. Like, at all.  So, I’ve found myself drawn (more than usual) to the bold colours.  Lately I’ve been in a matchy-matchy mood so have been rocking the berries and burgundies. Wine inspired lips, if you will.   Here are some of my faves, both $ and $$$.





I love the way the Stila Stay All Day goes on, and since I started using that product it’s actually become harder for me to apply normal lipstick lol.  It took some practice using the brush and getting used to how fast the product dries, but now I feel kind like a pro? (Intentional question mark)

Stila Stay All Day in Amore
Stila Stay All Day in Amore

My favourite colour of the bunch is the Media by Mac, but it doesn’t have the staying power I am used to from the liquid lipsticks. However, it is super duper creamy and moisturizing, and if you are in more of a “stand and be seen” kind of scene, and not a “eat chicken wings and drink beer” environment, then this will work perfectly for you.

I like the compactness (is that a word?) of the Clinique Chubby Stick, and the colour/feel is nice. It’s a bit more transparent than the other products so you really have to layer it on to get the full intensity of the shade.

The best bang for your buck is the Joe Fresh Long Wear Liquid Lipstick. At $8 CDN, you can pop it in your shopping cart and pretend it’s just another item on your grocery list.  The colour is comparable to Stila, with slightly less staying power, but with the right lip liner it does the job great. I wore this to work a bunch only having to reapply after coffee or lunch.

Joe Fresh “Plum”


Wine lips not for you? Check out my post on bold pink lips, and neutrals.

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