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Hands up if your sole purpose as a mom seems to be feeding your kids snacks…  all    day   long.

Snack time is all the time in our house, and it’s been fun coming up with new ways to feed the twins the same foods day in and day out. When they decide they like a certain food, we milk that for all it’s worth, incorporating the single beloved ingredient into any simple recipe we can muster.

We’re on a strawberry kick right now; I love snacking on California strawberries just on their own as part of a balanced snack, as a topping for oats, cereal or granola, and I LOVE baking with them (hellooooo strawberry-banana pancakes!).

I’ve started incorporating strawberries into more of the kids’ snacks, mostly because I am such a strawberry lover, but also because of the wonderful nutritional benefits they have.


Why California Strawberries?

Because they are delicious and in season when local berries are not. In my opinion, being able to create and enjoy strawberry themed dishes shouldn’t be relegated to summer only —  frozen California strawberries are available when fresh ones are not 😉


Why Are They So Good?

Because California strawberries are packed with Vitamin C (a serving has the same amount as an orange!) fibre.

8 berries equal one serving and is only 50 calories, which makes them so great for snacking in addition to baking.


Why Strawberry Pop Tarts?

Because why not? When California Strawberries asked me to pick a recipe to make at home, I decided to mix things up a bit from our regularly scheduled snack programming. For this fun challenge, I decided to make a throwback snack that would thrill my kids, my husband, and myself, of course — homemade strawberry pop tarts!   Nostalgia for the husband, sweet treats for the kids, and a decent length activity to entertain the littles.


The Recipe

This recipe only takes 15 minutes to prep, 12-15 minutes to bake, and approximately 15 seconds to consume. Totally worth it.  If you’re looking to turn it into an activity to do with your kids, you can stretch it out to an hour — also totally worth it.  And if you’re super crafty and feeling the kitchen vibes, you can always make your own jam from California strawberries, which would make pretty much the best strawberry pop tarts, ever — I’ve linked a recipe at the bottom of the post 🙂


Pro Tips:  (aka things I learned from my mom)

  • Mix an egg wash (I used one whole egg and 1tbsp of the cream I had out for the icing, but there are a few different very easy ways to make it) and brush the bottom piece of pasty before spooning on the strawberry mixture. This helps to keep the bottom of the pop tart crispy and also keeps the filling from sliding around too much. Once your pop tarts are fully formed, brush the tops and sides with the egg wash to seal in the goodness and create that crispy golden-brown pastry.
  • If you don’t have corn starch, you can use whole wheat flour, or gravy/sauce flour to thicken your filling. For this recipe, I used whole wheat flour.
  • Freeze a few without frosting to pop in the toaster when those 3pm hanger pangs hit.

Try to Avoid

Making too many substitutions or trying to simplify this strawberry pop tarts recipe. Full disclosure: I fully botched this recipe the first time I made it, which is hilarious to me because it is already so simple. I attempted to make the filling in my mini food processor to save time on chopping and mixing, but it just turned into a big wet goopy mess because of how liquified the strawberries got. I tried to overcompensate by adding in more thickening flour which then turned it into a very pretty looking paper maché glue.


Want More?

If you are basically moonlighting as a pro-baker while in isolation, be sure to try these other incredible California Strawberries recipes:

Raw Strawberry Beet Cups 

Raw never tasted so good. This dessert puts a spotlight on simple ingredients that together deliver a sweet, refreshing taste. These cups may make your guests’ hearts skip a beat.






Strawberry Coffee Brioche Cupid Cubes

These cupid cubes aim for the heart of your taste buds! Perfect party treats that surprise and delight and are oh, so easy to make.







Strawberry Chia Jam

Strawberries & chia seeds are both packed with fiber and can help decrease inflammation. We have a simple Strawberry Chia Jam that is quick to make- no fancy equipment or preservatives required. Spread it on toast or swirl it into your yogurt for a healthy snack.






I’d love to hear your favourite ways of using strawberries. Share with me in the comments!



  1. Those Pop Tarts look delicious, and are surely healthier than the processed versions you can buy in a shop. I wish I could get California strawberries in the UK 🙁

    Georgia| Britvoyage

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