I Got the (Commercial) Gig!

Big exciting news on my front is that I was cast in the commercial I auditioned for last week!  I told you about the stipulation that the producers wanted me to dye my hair back to normal from the glorious unicorn purple that it was, and well, I did it.  I did it 2 hours before my wardrobe fitting, and showed up with sopping wet hair looking like a bit of a hot mess. For some reason, they still wanted me.

I had a very talented chica fix up my coiffe the morning of the fitting, which took nearly 3 hours – yikes! I left the salon with 15 minutes to get to my fitting, and thank Toronto for Uber because I never would have made it on time.

The day of the shoot was super fun! Having been on the post-production side for a few years, it was very interesting to experience it as a performer (I use that term VERY loosely). My role was SOC – silent on camera – and I didn’t have too much info before the actual shoot, and I’m not really supposed to give any specific info about it before it goes to air.

All I can say is that the makeup and hair part was awesome!  Check it out:


I loved getting all (naturally) dolled up for the shoot.  I’m thrilled with how my hair turned out considering the tough job my stylist had to blend it all together.  Oh- I almost forgot – the makeup artist used an AMAZING concealer on me to cover up some very untimely blemishes, and I had to get the info from her.  Turns out she used Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NC-15.

FullSizeRender 142

I loved it so much for color matching, texture and longevity, I went out and bought it the next day. I ended up buying the shade NW-20. Concealer is something that I have never purchased the same product twice, never found my concealer unicorn if you will, and so far this one is leading the charge in a big way.

I spent way too much time talking to the make up artist because she was so lovely, and let’s be real I can talk makeup all day, but I also enjoyed eating all the goodies from the craft truck, lol. The spread below is totally standard, by the way.



That’s all I can share until the commercial airs, and I will post the link when I get it 🙂  I have no idea if I will actually be in it or not, but there were a few shots I was definitely in so fingers crossed!


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