Introducing New Flavours to Baby with Love Child Organics

Introducing New Flavours to Baby Made Easy with Love Child Organics

Ah, introducing solids. A huge step for babies, and parents everywhere. Your child is ready to taste and swallow something other than breast milk or formula, congrats! It’s an exciting, albeit slightly terrifying, time. For parents, this milestone usually comes after the 6-month Well-Baby checkup with encouragement from your trusted pediatrician.

“Go ahead, start solids,” they say. “It’ll be easy,” they say.  Ok, maybe they don’t say exactly that part, but in my experience, the okay to start solids with the twins came with a kind of laissez-faire approach.

Pick a food, stick with it for 4-5 days, make sure there is no reaction, then pick another food, wash, rinse, repeat.

How We Started our Solid Foods Journey


In our household, we started with sweet potato because it seemed like it was the easiest? We honestly didn’t know what we were doing, and I made sure to have my infant CPR handbook close by just in case (I did say it was slightly terrifying, didn’t I?). The sweet potato was a hit, and the twins responded to it the way I do whenever someone puts paper thin Napoli-style margherita pizza in front of me: slightly giddy and salivating.

Long-ish story short-ish, we went through single food purees pretty quick. Then we went through the simple combination purees, also pretty quick. Then we were kinda stuck. We knew we wanted to introduce more exciting flavours and spices, but it was a daunting task for many reasons. Mostly, we didn’t have the time or money to buy more “exotic” foods and ingredients, cook them in a way the babies could eat them, in the tiny little quantities that they actually ate – without much food waste.  

True story: I once steamed and blended a ton of kale only to have Hayden take one incredibly tiny bite and barf it all over the floor. Good times.


How We Introduced Our Babies to New Flavours: Superblends for Super Moms

Lucky for me, a friend introduced me to the Love Child Organics brand. I absolutely trusted the recommendation of this close friend who is a mom of two happy and healthy boys. She also happens to also be a holistic nutritionist. After our visit, I went to the supermarket and searched out my options. The Love Child Organics Superblend Purees jumped out at me as the answer to developing the twins’ palates.   

With puree combinations like:

  • Banana, Carrots, Mango, Coconut
  • Apples, Butternut Squash, Cherries, Ginger
  • Apples, Spinach, Kiwi, Broccoli
  • Apple, Banana, Spinach, Avocado

I was able to introduce my babies to advanced ingredients in a palatable way, for them, and for us.

Why Our Family Loves Love Child Organics

  • Nutritious organic puree selections which can be a meal for babies and a snack for toddlers
  • The super blends also include quinoa and acerola, which is the equivalent of 100% of their daily recommended Vitamin C
  • No added artificial preservatives, sugars, sodium or fillers
  • BPA-free pouches with resealable lids
  • The purée packaging is recyclable through the TerraCycle program

The list goes on and on, so I’ll stop there.


How we Transitioned from Infant to Toddler Feeding

When we first started, my husband and I were simply spoon-feeding the babies. As they’re swallowing progressed, I started mixing the purees into oats, pancake batter, scrambled eggs, and other homemade blends of more textured foods. One pack of Superblends or the First Apple or even First Prunes would go a long way back then.

The twins are 18-months now, and we start each day with a serving of the Love Child Organics Oats + Chia and 1 pouch of a Superblend mixed together and split between the two of them.

Then, I pack up 2 servings of Love Ducks, 2 Oaty Chomps, and some water for our first snack of the day, hopefully at the park or indoor playground.

In the afternoon, the twins might each get a pack to themselves if we’re on the go or in the car. Sometimes, if they’re lucky, it will come with a few Raspberry + Vanilla Owlies (if my husband hasn’t eaten them all).

On the days we don’t do straight Oats in the morning, I might use the super blends to make a yogurt parfait, or use one of the vegetarian protein packs to go along with finger food at dinner – just to make sure they are getting a full serving of veggies along with whatever else they decided to throw straight on the floor.

Moving Forward

As we start to transition more to finger foods and self-feeding options, we know that Love Child Organics will always have a place in our kitchen, and family room, and car, and pretty much anywhere a kid (or parent) needs a snack.

Have you tried any of the Love Child Organics products with your little one? Share with me in the comments!

*Disclosure: I received compensation from Love Child Organics in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions are my own, and we really have been using all of these products since the babies started eating, and still use them on a daily basis because we love them.

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