Kels in Kauai {Java Kai}

Situated in Old Kapaa Town, lives Java Kai – the funkiest little Hawaiian coffee shop that you ever did see. I mean, it has a sugar skull as the logo. How much more awesome can you get? I’m obsessed with unique and charming coffee shops, so obviously we had to stop here. They serve breakfast, coffee, sweet treats, and even something for the veggie or vegan member of your family that you don’t talk about.

We stopped here on our final morning in Kapaa before heading down to Poipu for some last minute beach action, and settled into a Maui Mocha (coconut, chocolate and espresso) and a White Chai with a massive piece of banana bread.

The coffee was delish, and we ended up staying for a bit to chil instead of taking it all on the road.  I took about a thousand photos, but none of the menu or inside (rookie mistake) so please see this shot from their website:

Thanks !

My only other regret is not buying one of those kickass trucker hats (my featured image photo). Yes, Hanalei is an actually Bay, and yes, Kealia is a beatch beach.  Funny if you don’t know that, and hilarious if you do 🙂

Photo cred: my handsome hubby

Next door to Java Kai was an amazing little boutique that carried some of the cutest home decor I’ve seen.  The kind that gives you major DIY inspo, but in reality you know you could never do it.

All the fun things!

Our 15-minute stop turned into an hour hangout and we loved every minute of it. Check them out on Instagram to see some major drool-worthy pics. Please go here if you are ever on Kauai. Just go.




  1. My in-laws are off on a cruise of the islands starting tomorrow… If I was going I’d check this place out but I’m not sure they’d be interested 😉

    1. Oh very cool! A cruise would be a great way to see all the islands. Check out my other posts on Hawaii for some trip ideas 🙂

  2. Looks like such fun places to check out. And a great place to pick up some little souvenirs to help remember your trip!

  3. Wow I love cafes like this. Although I’m not a big coffee drinker, I am definitely a sucker for Chai lattes (hot or cold). The decorations definitely add a certain ambience to the place! If I’m ever in Hawaii I’m definitely checking this place out!

    1. Thank you for reading, and thanks for your comment! This is such a wicked place – if you like boutique coffee and shops, it’s a great place to visit 🙂

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