Oh hey, Molly!

World, meet Molly. Molly, world. 🙂

Everyone, please say a warm welcome to our newest contributor!

Molly has worked behind the scenes for the past few months as our virtual assistant (VA), but she has also been cooking up content that is too good to not share.

A talented up-and-coming photographer, Molly showcases her skills via her beautifully curated (but not clichéd) Instagram page.

She is also the cutest and keeps a list of questions about Canada that she has for me.

On it are such gems as: Does Canada celebrate Halloween?

Yes, yes we do.  (I will 100% be publishing that list in the future.)

*cough cough* go follow her –> @molly.ee

Molly, can you please say a few words? //



My name is Molly & I am currently a junior at American University in Washington D.C., studying Law and Society as a SPA Honors student and Politics, Policy, and Law scholar. I grew up in a small town in Vermont, and cherish the quaint town that I know as home, along with its surplus of maple syrup, just as I love being in the U.S. Capitol District with all that it has to offer for college.

While law and criminal justice is my greatest interest and career aspiration, I have worked in schools and with students with autism, interned on Capitol Hill, managed a hair salon and beauty lounge, and worked with non-profit organizations and organized various fundraising efforts.

I also serve as the head of logistics for a model united nations conference in Washington, D.C..  Most recently, I have crossed into the blogging and social media world as a combination of a passion project, fascination, and ambition. Clearly, my interests and experiences have quite the variety, but I genuinely love everything that I’ve been involved in– and having the ability to see how much crossover there is between it all.

Outside of school & education, I spend a lot of my time exploring my homes in Vermont and D.C., finding the most Instagram worthy coffee shops, finding so many farmers markets my friends are all tired of them, hanging out with my Phi Mu sisters, traveling, and talking about my pets (I’m obsessed).

Photography and media work is another interest of mine, and I have made it my quest to find all the off-the-beaten-path must explore places in Washington one Instagram post at a time.  In a very stereotypical introduce yourself type of thing, I would use the adjectives eclectic, passionate, curious, and determined to describe myself. Above all else though, I love trying new things and meeting people along the way. //


Stay tuned for her travel posts from recent trips to Amsterdam and Dublin!

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