Don’t Call it a Mom-Cut

Aesthetic chair changes aren’t new to me. I used to color my hair wild extremes on the regular or grow it long just to chop it into a pixie cut.  For the past few years, I have kept my coiffe fairly simple and straightforward opting for the  “Victoria’s Secret” model look of long layers and a V-shaped back with modest blonde balayage. But as of last week, I was over my long hair and all the work it takes. Over. It. So, I decided to chop it off.

There are 3 main reasons I decided to cut my long hair:

1) Tired of cleaning up after the pet we don’t own

So, part one of the decision was that my hair was just not that healthy anymore.

Low-maintenance to me means touching up my color 2-3 times per year (depending on the bank account), and haircuts every 5-6 months. Lately, I did two rounds of color within a 6-month period without having a trim and, man, did my hair show the damage.

So much of my hair was breaking off, I could see it all over our condo’s black floors. It looks like we own a golden retriever, which we do not.

See ya later, piles of rogue blonde hair. It’s been real.


2) Losing interest

Part two is that my hair was so long and unmanageable (heavy, lifeless, growing out uneven) that I pretty much stopped styling it with the exception of Dutch braids and a high bun.  The bun is attractive maaayyyybe once a week. Twice a week, it’s passable, and more than three times a week shows that I’ve just given up.


3) Shampooing while preggo

Perhaps the biggest reason is that washing/drying/styling/doing anything that requires a minimal effort while pregnant with twins is EXHAUSTING.  Honestly, I washed my hair in the shower last weekend and thought I was going to pass out. I washed my hair in the tub earlier this week and thought I was going to drown.  Hair-anything while pregnant is NO. JOKE. and I just could not handle it anymore. Hence all the high bun action.

Now, this does not make it a mom-cut, oh no.  It is a wavy medium-length lob (short for a long bob, if you’ve never heard the term), that fulfills all of my Pinterest-hair dreams. Or regular dreams. Those are important, too. Big shout out to my hair stylist Leigh at Untitled Salon in Toronto.


I didn’t touch the color because we were cutting so much off, and I wanted to see how much the feel would change.  I have an appointment in two weeks to do a highlight touch-up and maybe do some fall toning, depending on what mood I’m in 🙂  Sidenote, I really wanted to photoshop out that windswept stray hair on the left photo.. but I didn’t. Real life, baby!

So here’s the fun part — let’s talk best products for styling a medium-length wavy lob!




  1. I love your new cut, mom cut or not lol! But I agree I don’t like the term “mom Cut”. I wish I could do those braids like that.

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