Peanut Butter & Banana Overnight Oats

Balanced Breakfast Ideas: 

Peanut Butter & Banana Overnight Oats

 If there’s one thing that I know for certain as a parent, it’s that my kids’ eating habits are a total mystery. Their favourite food one day is their arch-nemesis the next, foods they’ve never touched before are suddenly inhaled, anything green will only be consumed in smoothie form, and favourite meals that we’ve consistently served for weeks on end will one day, out of nowhere, offend my children to the core.

Sometimes, it’s hilarious. Mostly, it’s frustrating. Always, it’s time-consuming – making a meal you know won’t be eaten, trying to ensure you’re hitting all the food groups, praying a protein with be consumed at least once each day… omg, don’t get me started on keeping track of vitamins and minerals.

Luckily for us, breakfast is the one meal of the day where all the twins’ food quirks seem to be left out of the equation. Breakfast, by far, is their best meal – and my one chance to get as balanced of an offering as I can possibly muster in the early morning pre-pandemic-parenting-while-attempting-to-work-but-also-be-a-good-mom rush.

Starting the Day with Milk

Milk is our go-to. I am immediately relieved of some of the day’s stress knowing they’re getting key nutrition right off the bat, and it calms the hangry-baby factor which is NO JOKE with 2-year-old twins who sleep for 10 hours straight. We start off the morning with a small bowl of cereal to tide them over while the main breakfast is prepped; Hunter doesn’t like to drink milk out of a glass but will drink it out of the bowl or teaspoon by teaspoon (kids are so weird), but Hayden could basically have an IV of milk fueling her all day and never be happier.

Right now, amidst the COVID-19 isolation and emergency measures being taken by Ontario, our day-to-day has shifted in a big way – like most families suddenly trying to work and parent from home, together. All the time. In one home.  …. Together all the time, lol.  While some seem to have more time, I can say for a fact that I have less time, for everything and anything. Including making balanced, nutrient-dense breakfasts at 7 am. Even when I DO have the time, I can honestly say that’s not how I want to spend it. (But I do, because, parenting.)

When Dairy Farmers of Ontario wanted to partner with me on a balanced breakfast idea, I knew immediately what I wanted to do. A recipe with few ingredients, little to no prep time, no baking or cooking, and nutrient-dense.

PB + B Overnight Oats Recipe

I love overnight oats, but for some crazy reason I never thought to make them for the kids. This recipe is meant as a single serving for children but can be easily adjusted to make an adult size serving (basically just double up on the oats and milk and increase peanut butter and chia to your taste/preference). It’s amazing because it only uses 5 ingredients, takes 5 minutes to make, and will fuel your tiny humans (and yourself!) for a morning of toddler activity and full-on-mom-mode.


Nutrition Info

A single serving of this kid-sized deliciousness packs a punch of 10g of protein, 5g of fiber and less than 10 of naturally occurring sugar (depending on if you decide to sweeten with honey or maple syrup, and on how much banana or other fruit you may add).  You can also play with the energy content by adjusting the amount of peanut butter and chia seeds which are rich with healthy fats.

For this recipe, I used natural peanut butter and a pinch of sea salt. You can also adjust the milk to oats ratio – more milk for softer oats, less milk for thicker oats, etc. The recipe listed is the one that has been the winner for us, aka the one that both mom and kiddo loves to eat 😉

dairy farmers of ontario milk

How do you incorporate milk into a balanced breakfast?


  1. Thank you for this recipe! I’ve been wanting to make overnight oats lately and peanut butter and banana would be my favorite I’m sure!

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