What’s your superpower? Plus 4 other questions I have for expecting moms.

Pregnancy is no joke. Your body changes, your mental state changes, and your life is very much about to change.  Some of those changes downright suck, and some are actually not so bad.  I have found myself with one awesome superpower that has otherwise held me back for the past 10 years.   Read on to find out what it is and if you are currently preggo, or are an experienced mom, here are my questions for you:

What super power did you have?

For me, it was a welcome journey to the dark side of…. milk.  See, I’m lactose intolerant.  Or I was, but now I’m not. Or something like that. Basically, I’m all over Team Dairy right now. My shopping cart is unrecognizable to my husband, and he’s not complaining 😉

A second more minor one is my new Spidey sense of smell. Like, specific cologne fragrance senses and food smells.

What is the most ridiculous reason you have cried?

I have a long list that starts with Moana (which, I watched alone on a Friday night), and continues through a situation with McDonald’s not serving all-day breakfast.  I’m excited to see what comes next. (Heavy sarcasm.)

**UPDATE**  I recently had a total meltdown in the car on the way to my baby shower because I forgot mascara.  My terrified husband took me to a pharmacy so I could buy one on route, and we were 15 minutes late because of my damn hormones.

What foods disgusted you?

For me, thought though — yes, the thought — of vegetables disgusted me. Salads, smoothies, mashed anything = barf. And chicken. Ugh.

 What specific cravings did you have?

There was a period of time during the first trimester when all I could eat was a combination of white carbs and cheese. Nachos, pizza, grilled cheese, poutine…you name it if it was made of processed white flour and melty goodness, I ate it.

When my appetite came back, it came in small waves which usually meant weirdly specific cravings such as:

  • Baskin Robbins rocky road ice cream
  • McDonald’s breakfast burrito
  • Pizza Libretto (Toronto based pizza joint), or any Napoleon style thin crust pizza which I can finish myself, guilt-free.
  • Restaurant griddle or pancakes with Quebec maple syrup.
  • Dr. Pepper (I don’t drink soda!!)
  • Cereal and milk — again, was lactose intolerant before.

Weird dreams… did you have them? 

I read somewhere that it was common for pregnant women to dream about giving birth to animals or inanimate objects. Luckily, I have not had those dreams, but I have had a whole host of nightmares (those really, really suck), some vivid sex dreams (those are really awesome), and some dreams that oddly feature people who are deep cuts of my life. As in, I haven’t seen, heard from, or thought of them for 15+ years. Yet somehow they incept my dreams.

Share your answers with me in the comments!


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