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Can you imagine if you lost your hearing? I’m not talking about being born deaf, I mean you were born with the ability to hear and then, suddenly or over time, you lost that sense. Take a second to really think about that.  What kind of anguish that might bring you as you learned to navigate the world without sound.  Now, imagine that your life’s work or passion was something that was based on your ears, like a musician, music teacher, sound engineer or safe cracker.  Just kidding about the last one, because it’s hard to ease the tone of this first paragraph. What I’m getting at is it would be hard. It would be tough, and in most cases unbearable.   Now, imagine what it might be like for someone who suffered such a loss to reverse it…or, you can see it for yourself.

On March 11th, the Random Act of Music campaign kicked off as three cochlear patients experienced live music by Yamaha artist Lenny Solomon.

Music is a gift. Lets share it.

This wonderful initiative from Yamaha Canada Music is ongoing, and they want everyone to be part of the #RandomActsOfMusic movement. You can join by sharing a video on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #RandomActsOfMusic


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.57.08 AM


Unless you are a human without a heart, this video with tug on your emotions.

Please watch and share with loved ones, or anyone you might know that would be interested in this campaign.  They are not asking for money or other financial contributions.  You can help spread the musical word by sharing the video, and/or a photo through social media! First, watch the video, and see how you might be inspired 🙂


You can check out the full #randomactsofmusic initiative here!



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