Send This Video to Your Mom, With a Box of Kleenex

Feel like bawling your eyes out real quick? Check out this heart-wrenching spot from P&G for the Rio Olympic Team/Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s because I’m from a sports family and my mom was my number one cheerleader. Maybe it’s because I would have meltdowns every 3 months from the pressure when playing pro volleyball overseas, and my mom would have 2-hour long Skype calls with me to talk me through my anxiety. Maybe it’s because I watched my sister go through a similar cycle 8 years after me, and my mom was her rock just like she was mine.  I’m not sure what it was exactly, but I was crying 10 seconds in to this ad. Full out ugly crying.

Watch the video, then send it to your mom. Or giver her a hug, if you can. Just don’t watch it together – there is no amount of tissue that can clean up that mess.

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