Welcome to The Summer of Mess

It’s summertime, people! The sun is shining, people have shifted from complaining that it’s too wet to complaining that it’s too hot, patios are in full swing, and the twins now spend 80% of their day covered in something (usually sticky) or just running around, shirts off. Yes, summer is here. Finally.

It’s only been “real” summer for about two weeks in Toronto, but in that two weeks I have learned that summer with maniac active twin toddlers is a VERY different beast than summer with stationary twin infants.  That sentence might have invoked a, “Well, yeah, dummy,” response from you, and that’s fair.  But in my defense, there is nothing that prepares you for the fast and furious nature of 18-month-old munchkins who started walking at 10 months and now, quite literally, run as fast as they can — in opposite directions usually, because why make anything easy – once they are released into the wild aka anywhere outside our condo.

Don’t get me wrong, it is actually super fun to see the (safe) trouble they get into, how curious and exploratory they are, and how much joy they get from the simplest things like squishing blueberries between their fingers or eating fresh market strawberries and then finger painting with the stems.  Or how about taking their diapers off and running around grandma and grandpa’s backyard, butt naked, unphased by the fact that they have to pee and that the flower bush looks like a great spot to do so.

Super fun. Super messy.

In fact, if I wrote a book about this exact period in our lives, the title would be:  Oh, the messes we make. A memoir of our first summer with toddlers.

Here’s the thing about mess. Mess sucks when you’re not prepared to clean it up.  Poop, juice, food, dirt, sunscreen, paint, squished strawberries, diaper cream…. Ain’t no thang if you’ve got your gear to clean up.  This list (+ WAY more) is the reason I carry a pack of wipes with me everywhere I go.  E V E R Y W H E R E.

They live in my purse, car, backpack, diaper bag, stroller, laptop bag, swim bag.  I’ve even been known to take an on-the-go pack to concerts and outdoor events where washrooms are…questionable.

You know what the best part is? I don’t have to think about my brand of wipe or what’s in them, for the safety and sensitivity of my babies and my own skin, because we use Water Wipes, and here’s why:

  • They are the world’s purest wipes
  • Have simply 2 ingredients (99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract)
  • Have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association
  • Come in different size packs – the on-the-go packs are what I live by right now for everything outside the house. At home, we use the economy pack because, twins.
  • They are available at Walmart and online retailers like Amazon (helloooo, prime delivery!)

When you use wipes as often as I do, then this is an easy decision made for me. And I’m all about easy decisions these days.  Another easy decision is to let the twins be toddlers; let them be messy.


  1. I love having something like this with me on the go!! especially during Summer!!! So many messes and germs popping up! I’m definitely picking these up!

  2. I will have to look for these. I pack baby wipes typically when travelling for many reasons but they are great make-up removers (and cheaper too!) Some brands of baby wipes I can’t use because of sensitivities but these sound great!

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