Today Sucked, Even Though I Really Tried. (I Promise.)

About today…today was a stinker.

I did my best to make the most of it, I promise, and it still sucked.

And that’s fine. It happens.

Some days I can laugh off the ridiculous nature of it all (smeared poop everywhere, tantrums because a hair clip is *gasp* put in someone’s hair, the fact that the twins eat farm-fresh gourmet meals while I choke down a cold no-name version of Kraft Dinner — yes it exists, and yes it’s terrible.)

And other days I’m just like WTF did I do to manifest this shit upon myself, all while I lay in the fetal position, a plethora of loose Legos jabbing into my spine, counting down the seconds until the hubs gets home from work… and then I make the mistake of looking at the clock only to realise that at this point it’s barely 10:00am.

Anyhoo, somethings I can’t control (reliable childcare, as I’m learning), and some I can.

Still working on exactly what those things are, so I’ll get back to you. 🤷🏻‍♀️

But basically what I’m saying is this:  the rollercoaster that is motherhood is tough titties. You can go from having legit the best day ever, to legit the worst day ever, and then the rest of the days kind of blend together like this weird pseudo-manageable time warp where you miraculously keep yourself and your kids alive, scraping by on the emptiest of tanks, the thinnest of threads, all the while waiting for that #BESTDAYEVER mojo to hit you again.

So whatever kind of day you had today, I feel you. If it was awesome, I wish you all the energy in the world to keep that party train going. If it sucked, all good.

Tomorrow has the opportunity to be mildly, if not drastically, better.

Good luck, mama 🥂

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